Some Things You May Not Know About Ice Hockey

If you are truly passionate about ice hockey, it’s not enough to hone your skills inside the rink. You should also strive to be just as unbeatable when it comes to trivia challenges about the sport. To help you get started on building your knowledge about ice hockey, here are a few facts you’ll likely find useful.

The Stanley Cup

You know that it’s what the NHL champion wins, but are you aware that this prestigious trophy started at just 7 inches tall? Tradition requires that every player of the championship team has his name etched on the base on the trophy. At present, the Stanley Cup stands over 35 inches tall.

The Most Winning Team

If you think it’s an American team that has won the most number of championships in the NHL, you’d be wrong. The honor goes to the Montreal Canadiens with 23 Stanley Cups. In second place is yet another Canadian team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, having won 13 championships so far.

Sudden Deaths and Overtimes

A five-minute sudden death overtime period occurs when team scores remain tied after three periods during a regular game. For playoffs, however, the game continues and will only end when a team finally scores a tie-breaking goal. In 1936, the record-making game between the Montreal Maroons (L) and the Detroit Red Wings (W) only ended after the 6th overtime period.


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